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Kids Dentistry

kidquote1As dental professionals with expertise in pediatric dentistry, Newburyport Family Dental is dedicated and committed to providing the advice and care necessary to enable your child to enjoy a healthy smile. From infants with baby teeth to self-conscious teenagers, we understand how to work with you and your child to deliver the best possible dental care.

This commitment is focused on maintaining the health of your child’s teeth and gums. As we work toward achieving this goal, we apply our experience and employ the latest research to help prevent tooth decay. From exploring the effectiveness and advisability of fluoride treatments to pit and fissure sealants, teaching correct procedures for brushing and flossing, and recommending foods to be avoided that promote tooth decay, we care about your child’s total well-being.

You are never too young to begin to care about maintaining good oral health…it can and should last a lifetime.

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